planning & strategy

office space estimator

Our Office Space Estimator might help you with a general guide to how much office space your organisation needs, both now and in the future. Please note, this is not a workplace strategy tool nor does it not replace the valuable advice that a high quality professional designer can provide.

portfolio review

We help our clients define real value by developing strategic portfolio reviews including financial benchmarking.

market research

Reporting on current status, trends and future directions helps our clients navigate risks, capitalise on opportunities and understand how the real estate markets can affect their organisations.

occupancy reviews

We can review, benchmark and advise our clients about their property portfolio’s footprint relative to their competitors.

property disposal

If our clients need to end a lease or dispose of an asset, we proactively seek out and apply the best leverage to manage risks and optimise the outcome.

expanding/contracting or moving

If you need to expand, contract or move we can help you develop and execute the optimum strategy.


Whether a tenancy lease ends in 5 years or less than 1, our strategic plans help our clients prepare for merger, acquisition, rapid expansion/contraction, new technology, new competitors or other disruptors . Our short, medium and long-term corporate real estate tenancy plans help our clients save money.

workplace strategy

Our workplace strategies help our clients to use their workplaces as enablers in the achievement of their organisational goals. These strategies help save money and improve organisational culture and efficiency. We have worked with companies that embrace a variety of modern workplace practises such as “free address” or “activity based working”. We understand the value that can be derived through these philosophies but also understand the trepidation that some decision makers feel about applying them in their organisations. Success starts with understanding that there is no “one size fits all”. Each organisation is different so solutions must be developed around the specific needs of a business. This does not necessarily mean a complex, lengthy or expensive process but it does require senior executive counsel to ensure success.


Planning & Strategy

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